I recently had a total knee replacement and I chose to have my therapy at METT Therapy Services. What a great choice it was. Before my surgery, I was only able to walk about a block and stand on my feet for 20 minutes. I am now able to walk 8-10 miles a week and return to the health club. I don’t believe I could have accomplished these results anywhere else.

Gary L

The staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. All my concerns and personal goals were addressed.

Nancy W.

Thank you so much for your leadership of your staff. Each visit was pleasant. I feel your staff is very competent and I feel very safe. I also observed the camaraderie amongst your staff. They always helped each other and respected each other on all occasions. I feel very comfortable and respected as a patient and will tell all my friends and associates about your facility.

Jo-Ann H.

I returned to METT Therapy because of the staff’s professionalism, expertise and overall care.

Cynthis B.

I would like to thank you. I have had multiple surgeries and problems and the therapist had enough patience to listen to my story. The whole staff was fantastic and I was able to reach my goals. You should be very proud of you very dedicated and caring staff.

Raymond T.

The staff at METT Therapy has helped many times. The staff is professional and strives to accommodate my hectic schedule. They all greet me like a friend, not a patient and treat me with a true concern for my well-being. Thank you.

Mary C.

I have gone to other physical therapists but never have I received such passionate care. Everyone was concerned about what I needed to accomplish my goals. If the need arises, I will be happy to return to see what I feel are friends.

Delia S.