Sports Therapy Injury

METT Therapy athletic trainers are well trained in treating all sports injuries and as well as various orthopedic problems. Athletic training encompasses the evaluation, prevention, treatment and ability to provide emergency care to all athletes. Our athletic trainers have extensive training in the biomechanics necessary for recreational and competitive athletics.  Athletic trainers are able to perform evaluations in a sport setting and obtain a differential diagnosis for the injury.  A personalized treatment program will be implemented based on the severity of the injury and the specific sport of the athlete.

We are able to correct the form for overhead athletes and perform mechanical evaluations for correcting poor running patterns. Therapeutic training teaches our athletes to return to their sport more aware and improve the efficiency of their entire body. We are well versed in treating the complexities of the shoulder, knee, and foot. We understand the necessity to return quickly, yet safely to your activity.

METT Therapy has a diverse staff of physical therapists, athletic trainers and sport specialists that are able to perform a comprehensive evaluation and aggressive rehabilitation program for your specific sport or individual position.  Also, off-season conditioning programs can be developed to meet your specific needs. Our main goal is to restore your previous level of athletic ability and offer patient education for injury prevention going forward.