Franciscan St. James Health provides a comprehensive industrial rehab program specifically designed to get our clients back to work in the shortest amount of time possible. Our highly trained therapists have all received advanced training in various techniques to provide our clients with the skills necessary to return to work.

Our highly qualified therapists and ergonomic specialists provide an expert treatment for work-related injuries. Our professional staff is well trained with solid testing skills, therapy training, and ergonomic expertise. We work closely with each individual that is tailored to the specific needs of the injured worker.

Franciscan St. James Therapy Services offers a variety of industrial rehabilitation services, all designed to return the return injured workers to their jobs quickly and safely thus reducing workers’ compensation and lost-time costs.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

This 3 to 4 hour evaluation directly compares the client’s physical abilities to the job demands and presents the percentage of full work a client is able to perform. We will determine if the client put forth a full and consistent effort in addition to assessing their pain reports. Our standardized industrial rehabilitation system provides an objective, reliable, valid, efficient, and safe Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Functional Progress Report (mini FCE)

Often described as a “mini FCE” the Functional Progress Report will test the individual’s physical capabilities of a specific body part as it compares to their specific job needs. This report provides the same objective measures of our FCE but is limited to the body area of interest.

Job Site Analysis

A facility analysis of this nature will allow one of our industrial therapists to walk through your job site and identify areas of potential injury. This broad-based analysis usually takes place during ongoing operations to identify faults which could lead to injury. This analysis can be followed by an Ergonomic Assessment of an area identified as potentially hazardous.

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments

This assessment will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a work area. This assessment will identify the physical demands as they relate to a specific work station. We will also identify the time, frequency and duration of these demands. We will systematically analyze the current procedure for faults likely to lead to injury. With the faults identified we then problem solve with your staff to create solutions or modifications to eliminate or reduce the faults.

Pre-offer/ Post-offer Screenings

Hiring individuals who have the physical capacity to perform the job essentials is a crucial step in avoiding injuries on the job. A screening test developed for a specific job task can identify under qualified or unqualified individuals. We will develop a specific test based on the critical tasks of the job which can be performed with potential employees. These screens will help protect both the employer and the potential employee from poor placement into a position

Job Description Development

Accurately developed job descriptions are important for hiring staff and used to establish testing parameters before an injured worker returns. We will provide an onsite analysis of the job tasks. Using the data collected we will develop a detailed job description of the position’s critical tasks to most accurately reflect the jobs demands.

Injury Prevention Training

Injury prevention is one of the best ways to control the expenses related to injured workers. We will work directly with employees in one-on-one or group settings, to educate them in injury prevention techniques specific to their job demands. This will help to eliminate risk of injury before it occurs.